Bepanah Pyaar 12 June 2019 Written Update – Bad Stuff, Raghbir Tries To Commit Suicide

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 12 June 2019 Written Update on

Pragati hurries to Raghbir. He awakens and says for what reason did you battle? He gives her accessory. She says gives up to specialist. They sit in vehicle. He heads out yet is smashed. Pragati says let me drive. Raghbir hits with a column. Pragati inquires as to whether he is fine? She wipes his injuries and says you are clumsy. Raghbir says I like testing life, I need to cause it to lose.

Pragati says we ought to go to specialist. Raghbir says I need to return home, where is my home? my life? He swoons. Pragati tragically looks on. Pragati brings Raghbir to his home in his vehicle. He awakens. Pragati sees him go and says I ask he gets joy. In morning, Pragati attempts to converse with chief, he says I dont have time. Pragati says today is my wedding so I need to go. Administrator says then your activity wont be spared, he leaves.

Bepanah Pyaar 12 June 2019

Pragati says what to do now? She calls Sanket however he doesnt get. Sanket messages her what was the deal? Pragati says I need to converse with about wedding. He messages that he is anxious to wed her. Sukaniya says to his dad that he said yes to marriage in resentment, I cannot overlook what occurred between us, I will cause him to recollect.

Raghbir conversed with Bani once. Bani says you found employment elsewhere? Raghbir says my dad has cash however I will accomplish something all alone. Bani says why you left everything for a young lady? Raghbir says I did it for me, nobody contacted my heart like you, nobody can contact my heart like yours, Bani says your heart has so much that it never closes. Flashback closes.

Raghbir’s driver apply brakes in light of the fact that a vehicle ahead connected brake quick. Raghbir leaves vehicle and beats man in other vehicle. Pragati comes there and stops him. She takes him from that point and says my wedding is going on today, it was unexpected so I need 2 days off. Raghbir says I think about a minute ago marriage, you just have 7 pheras so one day is fine, rebound to office tomorrow, I am getting hitched as well.

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