Bepanah Pyaar 10 October 2019 Written Update – Raghbir refuses to leave?

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 10 October 2019 Written Update on

The episode begins, Raghbir and Pragati bring her dad home. Raghbir discloses to him that he dint do it directly by coming here. You could have gone to our home. We would have taken great consideration of you. Pragati’s dad says it doesn’t look pleasant to remain at little girl’s home. Raghbir contends that it is his entitlement to remain in this house. They charmingly squabble over it. Pragati’s dad says I can’t contend with you. I am certain Pragati also would miss out in the contention.

Raghbir says you are mixed up by her blameless face. Pragati instructs him to return home. I will remain with Papa till he recoups. Raghbir will not leave them. I will remain here. He gets Badi Ma’s call and enlightens her regarding their choice. She educates him regarding Priya’s roka. It is expected one week from now. Savant ji picked the date however we will get another one. Raghbir denies. We will return in 1-2 days. He hands via telephone to Pragati’s dad. He reveals to Badi Ma not to postpone the roka. They are acting obstinate.

Bepanah Pyaar 10 October 2019

I will send them in 1-2 days. Badi Ma concurs. Deal with yourself. Aditi isn’t content with Raghbir’s choice however Devraj legitimizes it. Aditi says I couldn’t care less if Pragati consumes her whole time on earth there however why keep Raghbir there. Devraj advises her to quit expressing such words. Your child has changed such a great amount of due to her. Aditi considers what enchantment Pragati has weaved on everybody.

Raghbir advises Pragati to cook and takes the floor brush from her. The two of them take looks at one another while doing their particular work. She races to his side when he claims to be harmed. He pulls her closer. She says Papa and flees. Raghbir invests a ton of energy with Pragati’s dad and makes him snicker. Pragati’s dad guides him to quit making him chuckle. My head will hurt. Raghbir inquires as to whether it implies the more a couple battle the more they are enamored.

Pragati’s dad says possibly. Pragati grins. Raghbir even escorts Pragati’s dad till the restroom. Pragati offers to hold him yet Pragati’s dad goes with Raghbir. Pragati watches them from the entryway and grins. Raghbir sends her a flying kiss and guarantees her that her dad is fine. Pragati nods off alongside her dad yet Raghbir guarantees her he is here. She embraces him sweetly. He kisses her on her temple and sends her to her room. Raghbir takes extraordinary consideration of Pragati’s dad and invests quality energy with Pragati too all through.

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