Bepanah Pyaar 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update – Pragati is Looking Around for Raghbir

Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 1 July 2019 Episode Written Update on

Harshit, Bua, Mama and Aditi come in the storm cellar. They are frightened. Mother says we should shroud this sack. They shroud it in an organizer. Bua says we should check whats in that bag, Aditi says no and leaves. Priya is preparing for the proposition. She calls Akshay and says the kid is coming to see me, where are you? You need to accomplish something. Pragati goes to her. Does Priya ask what does she need?

Bepanah Pyaar 1 July 2019 Episode

Pragati says I came to inquire as to whether you need any assistance? Bhabhi asks Pragati to have some disgrace, thump on entryway before coming inside, you have no class. Pragati says sorry and leaves. Pragati goes to Raghbir’s room. He sees his shirt catch torn. She says I can help. Raghbir says it’s fine. he gives her a catch. She begins tucking his catch, he plays with a needle, Pragati takes it from him.

Jogi plays. Pragati says I need to state that Priya doesn’t appear to be content with this proposition, perhaps she loves another person. Raghbir looks on and leaves from that point. Family meets Priya’s proposition. They affirm for the wedding. Raghbir comes there and says it’s great you are for the most part upbeat. Does he inquire as to whether he is content with a proposition?

Bepanah Pyaar 1 July 2019 Episode

Raghbir inquires as to whether she is content with this proposition? In the event that there is anything in your psyche, at that point you can let me know, I realize you are not content with this proposition. Does Mother say why you suspect as much? Raghbir says Pragati let me know. He asks Pragati to descend. Pragati is terrified. Raghbir offers her hand. Does Aditi say for what reason would you say you are tuning in to her? Raghbir says she was directly before as well. He asks Priya to let him know.

Priya says I am content with this proposition, I don’t know why Pragati said it. Raghbir asks the kid. The kid says it’s great that you cleared it, I need Priya to be my significant other. Raghbir says then all is well, he looks at Pragati and leaves. Priya leaves from that point. Pragati comes to Beeji with milk. Beeji requests that her plunk down.

Beeji says I realize you thought useful for Priya yet this is a crazy house, you have unadulterated heart, you care about the entire family. Aditi goes to Pragati’s room and inquires as to why she informed that to Raghbir? Does Mami say you don’t need Priya to wed? Pragati says I simply needed to help Priya. Aditi says we are here to support her, don’t do it else I will do what I ought to have finished with you from the first day, they leave. Pragati sees the nearness of something.

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