Barister Babu 5 Oct 2020: Episode Written Episode, Agreed to punish Bondita?

Written Update: Barister Babu 5 Oct 2020 episode.

The Episode begins with Mami getting inconsiderate towards Bondita and yells at her. She clarifies the significance of a deserted lady. Sumati and Bondita cry. Mami says such a lady has no regard in the general public. Mami requests that Bondita return to Anirudh and find all the solutions. She says the lady gets accused consistently if her better half leaves her. Bondita cries and says nobody offers me responses here. Mami says she has gone distraught to converse with a lemon.

Bondita says truly, Anirudh said we can converse with a lemon. Anirudh gets a migraine. He sees Bondita there and converses with her. He says lemon is harsh, it doesn’t think to change if a man or lady eats it. She asks does lemon talk. He says truly, recounts to this story to everybody on the off chance that anybody inquires. She snickers. He giggles. Bihari comes and says you were feeling the loss of Bondita’s recollections and snickering, right. Anirudh says truly, I simply finished every one of her recollections.

Bihari says Saudamini’s father has come, the issue is tense, be cautious. Anirudh stresses for Bondita. A mistress goes to the town. She drinks water. The women reprove her and grab the water from her. The woman requests water. She asks another person to give her water. Nobody tunes in to her. She gets parched. The man admonishes her. The woman asks is there nobody to feel sorry for me and give me water. Bondita gets a glass of water for her. The woman drinks the water.

Barister Babu 5 Oct 2020

She says you are so youthful, when the residents called me by awful name, for what reason did you give me water. Bondita asks what does it mean. The woman says simply think its extraordinary. The man chastens Anirudh for remaining with Saudamini in a similar room, its wrong. Anirudh says I nodded off, however nothing occurred between us, that panchayat comes to haveli, I think you have demon work, I will mention to you what you ought to go.

The man says you overlooked your qualities, a youthful person and a little youngster can remain in a room when they are hitched, you have done a transgression, you need to atone for this wrongdoing. Sampoorna looks on. Bondita says my better half showed me, when the waterway, this air doesn’t separate in individuals, for what reason will we do, when trees, shadow, daylight, wind, it’s equivalent for rich and poor. The woman says you are so youthful yet you are a lot of reasons.

Bondita says it’s not my faculties, Bondita is silly, her better half made her reasonable, he generally ensures me as Lord does, I respect him like Lord, he is my instructor additionally, he is exceptionally taught, he is an advocate. A kid tosses bovine excrement at her and says she is a surrendered lady, her significant other left her. Bondita yells he didn’t leave me, he will come to ensure me. She cries. The woman petitions God for Bondita.

Anirudh says I disagree, I m not off-base, I don’t have the foggiest idea about our nation’s traditions well, however, my Kaka knows, Trilochan remained here, you believe him right, we will ask him, in the event that he tells that I did a misstep and I ought to wed Mini then I will think, in the event that he tells something in support of myself, at that point don’t come here once more.

The man says come. They all go to Trilochan’s room. Binoy says Trilochan doesn’t care for Saudamini, Bondita is his bahu, he won’t let Anirudh’s marriage occur with Saudamini. Trilochan says did bahu do the aarti, how is the smell coming. Bihari accompanies aarti plate. He says you are not well, Bondita isn’t here, I called pandit for puja, sorry, I took her name accidentally. Mom asks Sumati not to stress, Anirudh will peruse the letter and come.

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