Barister Babu 18 Sep 2020 Episode: Written Update, Bihari ought to get a prize!

Written Update: Barister Babu 18 Sep 2020 Episode.

Binoy calls somebody and says truly, Brij is in this town, he is a hooligan, he is tricking individuals. The official says we should stop him. Binoy says I figure he should keep on tricking individuals, it will be beneficial for us. He chuckles. Anirudh comes and yells on him. Binoy requests that he stay silent. Anirudh says you are tricking individuals, I need the individuals to get instructed.

The official says we disdain revolutionists, is your child one of them, you won’t get any advantages from us. Binoy says no, my child likewise detests revolutionists, goodbye. He detaches the call. Anirudh says to tell the official that your child is a revolutionist, he needs to bring new reasoning, rights and end the distinction.

Barister Babu 18 Sep 2020

Binoy yells on him. Trilochan comes. Anirudh says in the event that I can assist with instructing one individual, at that point it’s great. He contends. He says I can stroll on the way appeared by Gandhi Ji. Binoy says you would realize that there is murkiness under the light. Anirudh says I know, so I m lighting the other light to end the haziness, I will instruct Bondita with the goal that she knows Brij is a hooligan.

Trilochan yells don’t call it daze conviction, it’s our commitment. Anirudh says I won’t let Bondita get limited by old traditions. He goes. Trilochan holds Binoy and says I get you, we need to discover some path for his frenzy, don’t stress. He goes. Binoy thinks to end Anirudh’s frenzy, simply Mini can do this.

Bondita reviews Anirudh’s words. She thinks about Maa’s words. She goes to Anirudh and sees him dozing. She keeps the coconut close to him and acts to call. She says I have committed an error, I need to let you know, I misled you. She tells everything. She says Bondita did this to spare Sampoorna’s marriage. She cries and says excuse me.

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