Barister Babu 17 Sep 2020 Episode: Written Update, Confession made by Bondita

Written Update: Barister Babu 17 Sep 2020 episode.

In today episode, Bondita saying, no I simply knew about him. Anirudh asks how would you know. Binoy insults her. Bihari says I revealed to her beginning and end. Trilochan asks Anirudh not to blow up on her when everybody is content with her. Bihari says she ought to get a prize. Anirudh says I need to give her something, close eyes. He gets desserts.

She grins and gets the smell. She says no compelling reason to see, I know its Rasgullas. Trilochan chuckles. Anirudh says you can have it, nobody will stop you, I m glad, I m sure you will never lie, you will never break my trust. She feels remorseful. Trilochan says stunning, everybody is content with her, fair Binoy is upset. He goes. Binoy asks what wonder happened that the two of them are singing her commendation.

Bondita says I can’t eat the desserts, I feel terrible. She asks Batuk to have the desserts when he did the schoolwork. She goes. He says she is right, before she alters her perspective, I will eat the rasgullas. Binoy sees her and thinks something isn’t right. Anirudh advises everybody to Saudamini. He adulates Bondita. She says amazing, I m happy.

Barister Babu 17 Sep 2020

She blows up in the wake of finishing the call. Bondita completes the work. She sees Trilochan. She says I have cleaned all utensils and accomplished all the work, will I get hot milk for you.

He says I need to state something, I have carried on exacting, I was strained that you may not learn things, today I became acquainted with from Kanha that you will pick up everything. Anirudh is additionally upbeat, he is touchy, yet his heart is acceptable, I need you to never hurt his heart, proceed to rest now.


Bondita reviews Anirudh’s words. She thinks about Maa’s words. She goes to Anirudh and sees him dozing.

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