Bahu Begum 7 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Razia Tries Hard to Survive

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The episode begins, Suriya gets upbeat that they won’t Sultan Pur. Asgar pushes her on the bed and asks her not to challenge his masculinity. Surayya says sorry and offers to knead her legs. Asgar says it is great that Ammi came. Surayya says we won’t Sultanpur. He says he will deliver retribution on Razia. Surayya asks what? He requests that she mind her business.

Shayra discloses to Dilruba that he will get somebody who will love him. Qazala’s Servant comes there and requests that they tune in. Dilruba and Mashuqa envision him. He asks where is my room? They point at an inappropriate side and afterward on the right side. The Servant Alladin says thanks to them. Azaan tells Shayra and Noor that his Dadi was not harsh, yet conditions made her unpleasant. She says Dadu bolstered my mom consistently, however, Dadi was distant from everyone else.

Razia says she can comprehend that she will not scratch old injuries. Azaan says we will give her a reasonable possibility. Razia requests that they be cautious. Azaan says we don’t should be frightened. Noor says I will deal with that budiya. Azaan says she is my Dadi. Noor says your Dadi causes me to do Servant’s work. Azaan says your face resembles a worker. She calls him sucked mango. He winds her hand. Razia embraces them and says she is glad that they are with them.

Bahu Begum 7 October 2019

Qazala sees Razia and others embracing one another. She says once Razia is broken then it will be anything but difficult to choke out them. She says there will blast of wafers. Alladin comes and says he took the necessary steps. Asgar reveals to Surayya that he is arranging a dhamaka and requests that she proceeds to rest. Razia asks Noor to rest in her room and says I am terrified about you. She says Azaan and shayra are as one, so there is nothing to stress over. Somebody watches out for them.

Azaan discloses to Shayra that he is cheerful that Dadi is back, however not content with her choice. Shayra inquires as to for what reason didn’t you reveal to her at that point? Azaan encourages her to take out the stud and offers it to her. He shuts the workstation as he doesn’t need anyone to aggravate them. A man is remaining outside their room. Later in the night Razia listens to a sound and comes.

All of a sudden the sound stops and after that starts once more. Razia strolls to the corridor and finds the storage compartment. Does she ask who is here? She hears the child crying and opens the storage compartment, when someone hits her and makes her fall inside, at that point bolts the storage compartment. Shayra awakens in the night and asks Azaan to turn and says he is wheezing a lot. She likewise hears the sound and gets up from the bed. Razia is secured in the storage compartment and attempts to free herself.

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