Bahu Begum 26 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Noor asks Shayra

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The Episode begins with Mashuqa getting glad seeing Khalid. Dilruba says it resembles seeing eid’s moon. Shayra takes Noor to side and asks what you are doing? Azaan inquires as to for what reason did you bring that criminal here. Shayra asks did you overlook what he did? Noor says when I can pardon you then for what reason wouldn’t I be able to excuse him. Khalid comes there and asks her for what valid reason you are wedding Azaan. Noor says we will talk later, today my Haldi is there, Azaan will beat you.

Bahu Begum 26 August 2019

Khalid goes. Shayra says you are fouling up. Noor asks them not to sit around idly and approaches Azaan to want haldi rasam. Azaan asks Shayra to come and says today is your better half’s Haldi. Noor inquires as to whether she is upbeat. Surayya says she is glad. Noor requests that her move. Surayya says I will move and make others move. She requests that women play some great music. Surayya and Asgar move. Fundamental Naagin melody plays Noor requests that they stop it and requests that they do haldi rasam.

Surayya says who will crush haldi for lady of the hour. Azaan says Shayra. He says this rasam is going on in light of her, so it is her obligation to pound the haldi. Noor says without a doubt and tells that first spouse will pound haldi for her better half’s subsequent wife. Shayra says without a doubt. Mashuqa and Dilruba bring haldi and keep it for Shayra to pound. Shayra sits on the floor and takes a gander at Azaan.

Tune plays. Shayra grinds the haldi. The visitors tattles. Surayya says these London young ladies know how to crush the haldi. She says Noor will not get injured all over. Shayra grinds the haldi. Razia implores God and says same thing is going on with her new bahu and requests that God stop this. Surayya applies haldi to Noor. Noor asks Shayra to apply it to her. The visitor says why Razia begum isn’t telling anything. Razia thinks I am powerless, however not you, prevent this transgression from occurring.

Bahu Begum 26 August 2019

Noor applies haldi to Noor. Noor grins. Azaan calls Shayra and says today is my haldi as well, who will apply haldi to me. Surayya says we will make you clean up in it. She is going to apply haldi to him. Azaan says first Shayra will apply it. The women talk that Shayra is advance and allowing this to marriage occur, why Razia isn’t halting this marriage. Shayra’s hand shake-up to take the haldi for Azaan. He says I am as yet your significant other and you have appropriate to contact me, holds her hand and causes her to apply him haldi with her hand.

She hits the dance floor with Surayya and others. Razia places cotton in her ears and cries. Shayra is pushed by somebody towards Azaan. Azaan asks did you recollect our haldi and rubs his cheeks on hers. Shayra says everybody is viewing. Azaan says let them see. Noor and Surayya see. Noor blows up. Shayra says you will get hitched to Noor and flees from that point. Surayya discloses to Noor what they may do when alone. Shayra comes to the room and says why you are doing this with me, Azaan and expanding my inconveniences.

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