Bahu Begum 23 September 2019 Written Update – How Noor Saves Razia’s Life?

Written Update: Bahu Begum 23 September 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Azaan expressing gratitude toward Shayra for coming in this world and furthermore in his life. He demonstrates garlic bread, noodles and pizza for her. Shayra says today she is extremely glad and expresses gratitude toward him for making her birthday so uncommon. Azaan requests that her have pizza’s first nibble with his hand and causes her to eat it.

They watch the film maine pyaar kiya. He asks do you like Salman Khan more than me. She says she can’t contrast her genuine love and others and says Salman Khan is her genuine affection, giggles. She tells that she is feeling languid and lays on his shoulder. She dozes. Azaan petitions God for her sake that God will give her everything the joy. He sees her resting and says my fantasy is dozing and I am wakeful.

He sees Noor in Shayra’s room and looking furious. He waves his hand. Noor goes out. Azaan says he needed to hear terrible dream now. He goes out. Noor calls him Azaan ke bacche. Azaan says in couple of years, I will have kids and you will progress toward becoming Daai Maa. She reprimands him for wanting to invest energy with Shayra and commend her birthday.

Azaan says Shayra was going to go to occasion work, however you just arranged and halted her and you went there. He requests that her have pizza and says it is their remaining. Noor inquires as to whether I will eat Shayra’s extra. He says you had just said that whatever I provide for Shayra, will be given to you moreover.

Bahu Begum 23 September 2019

He says he is resting. She says she likewise rests in a similar room. Azaan sees the pit and tumbles down purposefully. Noor giggles and requests that he clean up. Azaan says I won’t clean up and will rest on the bed only the manner in which I am presently. Noor gets annoyed. He requests that her rest on couch at that point. Noor blows up. Azaan goes to Noor’s bed and makes everything grimy with his mud-drenched garments.

Noor blows up and rests on couch. Azaan grins. Later in the night, Azaan goes to Shayra’s room and says shock to her. Shayra is crying and says sorry. Shayra says I did an extremely enormous misstep, I have understood that my plan to get you both wedded wasn’t right. She says Noor isn’t a similar what I thought and says she can’t manage now and says we need to end this polygamy. Azaan gets cheerful and says I comprehend what to do. Shayra requests that he disclose to Noor now itself.

It ends up being Noor’s fantasy and she awakens yelling. She says Shayra can’t do this with me and hears Azaan giggling. She thinks Azaan must be with Shayra. Azaan is conversing with Razia. Razia says you dozed on the bed with filthy garments. Azaan says I realize that you don’t care for filthy things, yet I did this with the goal that I don’t rest on the bed. Noor hears them. Razia says I would prefer not to hear puerile things. She says Noor’s conduct was terrible at the halfway house moreover.

Azaan says I didn’t realize that she is so stupid and tells that he has sent sorry card and compose excursion for the children. Noor blows up and goes. Razia says Noor is our own, and says how to demonstrate my face to Meenu. Azaan says you will hit her with chappal and says I need to demonstrate her, how it feels when somebody plays game with you. Razia trusts Noor shows signs of improvement and requests that he proceed to wash up.

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