Bahu Begum 2 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Why they are Leaving The House?

Written Update: Bahu Begum 2 October 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Azaan disclosing to Shayra that he recollected that one such night. Shayra asks which one when the power disappointment occurred. Azaan tells about the episode, says that person sang for the young lady and dazzled her. Shayra says I recall and snickers. Azaan says you were chuckling that day and that made me become hopelessly enamored with you. Shayra says and made me succumb to you. He says today is that night and says I adore you. Shayra says I adore you as well. Azaan says what is excellent in my reality, my Ammi, you and my best friend. Shayra implores that nothing incorrectly will happen now. Noor is stressed in her room and holds Yasmeen’s photograph outline from falling. She reviews Razia telling that equivalent rasams will occur for Noor and Faiz.

She reviews Yasmeen telling that Azaan will deal with her. She reviews Shayra with respect to her as her more youthful sister. She at that point thinks about Surayya’s words. She thinks on the off chance that they come to think about reality, at that point they will despise her, thinks it is her obligation to take out Shayra from the blame. She sits to compose the letter to Azaan that she is going out before anybody awakens, however before that she needs to pass on reality to them, composes that Shayra was not in charge of my Ammi’s demise. She composes that she came to think about reality, just before the marriage, however, didn’t stop the marriage and exploited her Ammi’s demise. She says she will be rebuffed and will go out.

Bahu Begum 2 October 2019

She comes to Azaan and Shayra’s room, yet Khalid keeps a hand on her hand and takes her from that point. Does he say what you were doing? She says she needed to educate reality to Azaan and Shayra. Khalid says we will be as the one here. Noor says I can excuse you as whatever you did was inadvertent. She says she is going out and wrote in the letter that she realized that Shayra was not dependable, yet she wedded Azaan. She says no one will see my face in the wake of perusing this letter and that is the reason I am leaving. She says you are my blameworthy and I have pardoned you. Khalid thinks Noor can’t go. Noor comes to Shayra and Azaan’s room and keeps the letter as an afterthought table. She cries and runs out. She at that point goes to Razia’s room and says sorry. She at that point leaves from the room. She turns out with her stuff and calls the driver. She keeps her pack in the vehicle, takes a gander at the house and cries.

Shayra calls her. Noor says I can’t pick the call and requests that the driver take her to Bhopal station. The driver drives the vehicle. Surayya reveals to Asgar that I asked Noor to converse with Razia begum and says she is powerless. Simply then they hear Mashuqa and Dilruba saying that Noor left home. The driver drives the vehicle and takes U-turn. He takes her back to the house. Noor inquires as to for what reason did you bring the vehicle back. She sees Azaan sitting on the driver’s seat. He requests that she get down and takes her inside the house. He asks where she was fleeing and asks how might you believe that I will allow you to run.

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