Bahu Begum 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Why Qazala Traps Surayya?

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The Episode begins with Shayra telling everybody that she trusts that they like the family execution. She says this isn’t just Dadi’s invite party, yet Azaan and Noor’s separation party as they are separating from one another. Noor says Shayra said right, I am separating from him as he is consistently of Shayra. She says my kinship is exceptionally more grounded with him, similar to savvy Azaan and Shayra’s affection is additionally extremely more grounded. She says whoever attempts to isolate them, I will play their band.

Everybody applauds. Surayya says it is difficult to break their fellowship. Qazala tells that she can do a wrongdoing to satisfy her point. Later Azaan discloses to Razia that all misconception are cleared at long last. Shayra says not as of not long ago. Noor says we need an answer from Dadi Ammi. They hold each other hands and draw close to Qazala. Qazala says you individuals are gazing as though I did a wrongdoing. Noor says you know well. Shayra says the dress which I provided for Noor is given to me by you and you had let me know not to reveal to her this is a blessing from you. Noor says you need me to wear this dress purposefully.

Bahu Begum 15 October 2019

Azaan asks what is this hogwash? Shayra says Dadi ammi offered dresses to Noor and me. She says my dress is great, however Noor’s dress is… Noor says Qazala has done a wrongdoing. Azaan says enough and stands firm for his Dadi. He inquires as to for what reason do you constantly fault Dadi for everything. Noor asks what do you feel that I will get myself offended and will move toward becoming Zohra bi. Qazala says enough and slaps Surayya. She asks Surayya to state? Surayya asks what?

Qazala requests that her concur that she accomplished this thing. Razia asks what? Noor says this isn’t finished by Chachi. Qazala slaps Surayya and takes her to room. She demonstrates the dress to Noor and says this was the one talented by me. She signs Surayya. Surayya says I have changed the dress. Noor asks when did you change the dresses? Shayra reviews and says when you slam into me. Surayya says yes. Qazala asks Surayya to apologize to Razia. Surayya apologizes to Razia and says pardon me this time.

Before Razia could state anything, Qazala says she has pardoned you this time and asks Razia to excuse her. Razia is going to talk once more, however Qazala acts to get Asthma assault and asks Azaan not to send Surayya and Asgar to Sultanpur. Azaan says no one will go anyplace and takes Qazala to her room. Later Azaan peruses climate forecast. Shayra gets resentful and tosses water on the workstation. He requests that her tell. Shayra says you have progressed toward becoming one-sided seeing Dadi came and not will be not tuning in to Ammi moreover.

Azaan says he simply needs Dadi to be at home and giving her regard which she merits. He asks do you need Dadi to go from here like Noor. Noor comes and says she needs it. She reveals to him that Shayra has spared her regard today and says you are accusing her. She says similarly as Dadi acted to get Asthma assault, you are getting stressed for her.

She asks Shayra to separate from him and says legal counselor will give the markdown. Azaan requests that her go out and takes her out. Power goes. A man keeps hand on the glass window. Azaan goes to her and sees her in flame light. He kisses her on her cheeks. Shayra embraces him. The man ends up being Aladdin. He thinks they are joining once more.

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