Bahu Begum 14 October 2019 Written Update – Noor Question Qazala?

Written Update: Bahu Begum 14 October 2019 Written Update on

Today Episode begins with Azaan coming to Razia. Razia makes him meet Ismail Sheik, Ayub’s companion. Ismail says you are keen like your dad and inquires as to whether he is coming? Azaan gets resentful. Razia requests that he appreciate the gathering and not to think this.

Shayra reveals to Mashuqa that she will come there in 2 mins. Mashuqa tells Dilruba through Bluetooth gadget. Dilruba advises the equivalent to Azaan. Azaan advises the visitors that he needs to present his better half formally and requests that they respect the most astonishing lady on the planet, for whom he can give his life and who is more dear to him than his own life.

Bahu Begum 14 October 2019

Everybody sees Noor descending and the spot light falls on her. The visitor tattle saying why she is wearing mujra dress. Qazala asks Razia, you said that they are taking separation and asks what is this? Razia asks her not to say and says where is Shayra? Dilruba turns on the lights. Azaan discloses to Noor that he has arranged this shock for Shayra and asks what did you wear? Shayra thumps on the entryway.

Razia asks Noor for what good reason she is wearing such garments? Noor says Shayra gave me these garments. Qazala says I realized that this current Servant’s girl will demolish my gathering and mortifies Noor infront of everybody. Noor says I wore it thinking it is outfit party. Surayya insults her to be bahu of Razia. Noor says she is Ammi’s little girl. Surayya and Razia fault Noor.

Noor cries and says it is given by Shayra. Surayya inquires as to for what reason did you wear? Noor says Aladdin said that it is outfit party. Asgar calls Aladdin. Qazala asks Aladdin, did you reveal to Noor that it is outfit party. Aladdin says he was conversing with his companion and he was alluding garments as outfit. The visitor woman insults Noor and Azaan.

The visitor woman says might be Azaan changed his choice to separate Noor. They incite Noor against Shayra and says the garments are fitting her well. Qazala expands the fire and mortifies her. Aladdin comes to Shayra and opens the entryway. He asks who secured you room. He discloses to Shayra that Noor demolished Azaan’s shock and induces her against Noor. He at that point calls Qazala and says I had shut the entryway and now opened it. Shayra is coming there. Azaan apologizes to the visitor.

The visitor asks Azaan to make them see the mujra. Azaan blows up on the visitor. Shayra comes there and he asks where was you? Shayra says somebody secured me room. Noor accompanies Razia and takes a gander at Shayra. Shayra asks what did you wear? Noor says you offered it to me. Shayra asks what are you saying? Razia says Azaan. Azaan says simply give me 2 mins and takes them with him. The visitor advises that Azan called them to gather and left.

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