Bahu Begum 10 October 2019 Written Update – Qazala Targets Azaan

Written Update: Bahu Begum 10 October 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Qazala imagining that Dilruba helped Aladdin the previous evening. A fb is appeared, Aladdin asks Dilruba to take the storage compartment to his room and goes. Dilruba thinks it is substantial and thinks to take street roller’s assistance to take it to Aladdin’s room. She reviews how she deceives Razia to turn out, making the strolling stick sound and after that when Razia turns out to check, she hits her on her head and makes her tumble down. She at that point pushes the storage compartment in the pool.

She says I was going to get captured as a result of you. She sees the storage compartment moving. Azaan calls Qazala while coming. Qazala shrouds the storage compartment with blind and comes to Azaan. Azaan requests that her have nourishment and medication. Qazala gets some information about Razia. Azaan says Ammi is better and apologize to her for Shayra and Noor’s sake. Qazala says they are children and says I have excused them both. She requests that he cheer her. Azaan says no misconception can divide us.

He requests that her have tablets and goes. Qazala goes to the storage compartment and liberates Aladdin, asking him not to destroy her work once more. Aladdin apologizes to her. Qazala approaches him to take every necessary step for which she brought him here. She at that point tells that Azaan will cheer his better half, don’t have the foggiest idea whether Allah will give this opportunity again or not. Razia asks Shayra where is Azaan? Shayra says he went to present to Dadi Ammi’s drug. Razia says alright. Shayra inquires as to whether somebody pushed her.

Bahu Begum 10 October 2019

Razia says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea and she is alleviated that the issue went ahead her and not on them. Shayra inquires as to why Dadi Ammi was avoiding home. Razia asks her not to scratch old injuries. She says Azaan will never recognize what Asgar revealed to me that day. Noor comes and discloses to Shayra that Dadi Ammi more likely than not done this before additionally and asks Razia for what good reason she isn’t requesting that her go. Razia says she is senior in the house and discussion about habits.

She says I will bear her until I am her lone objective and advises that she will inquire as to whether she focuses on her kids. Aladdin hears and educates Qazala. Razia gets some information about Azaan once more. Azaan comes there and says don’t have the foggiest idea what befallen me yesterday, Dadi was crying and I couldn’t see her crying. He says in the event that we can’t give her bliss in this age, at that point we will not inconvenience her as well. He says Dadi sent me today to converse with you. Razia gets stressed hearing Azaan.

Bahu Begum 10 October 2019

Asgar reveals to Surayya that he didn’t do anything with Razia. Surayya asks where did you go at that point? He says to keep something. Surayya asks who did this with Razia. Asgar says Razia’s saas Ammijaan. Simply then Qazala comes there and hears them. Surayya embraces her and asks what she will do with Razia next. Qazala says I will demonstrate to you and takes her out, drives her down. Azaan asks what was the deal? Qazala advises that Surayya is blaming her to be blameworthy and says I have prevented them from going to Sultanpur. Azaan says I confide in you completely. Qazala says Razia, Shayra and Noor question me as well and before they show me out, I will go to Sultanpur with Asgar and Surayya. Surayya says she would prefer not to go to Sultanpur.

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