Astitva – Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Budget

Movie Review: Astitva is a 2000 bilingual movie made at the same time in Marathi and Hindi, composed and coordinated by Mahesh Manjrekar. The film recounts the tale of a cheerfully hitched spouse who abruptly acquires a vast fortune from her music educator and her confused husband who addresses its source. Astitva movie has won the “National Film Award” for Best Feature Film in Marathi in the year 2000. Astitva includes issues, for example, male pettiness, extramarital undertakings, and spousal maltreatment.



  • Directed by: Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Produced by: Rahul Sughand
  • Written by: Imtiyaz Husain, Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Screenplay by: Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Story by: Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Starring: Tabu, Sachin Khedekar, Mohnish Bahl, Ravindra Mankani, Smita Jaykar, Sunil Barve, Namrata Shirodkar
  • Music by: Rahul Ranade, Sukhwinder Singh
  • Cinematography: Vijay Arora
  • Edited by: V.N.Mayekar
  • Release date: 6 October 2000 (India)
  • Running time: 109 Minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Marathi, Hindi
  • IMBD Rating: 7.3/10

It is about a lady endeavoring to discover a personality outside her marriage. At the point when the will achieves Aditi in Pune, she is amidst an improvised gathering occasioned by the landing of Dr. Ravi Bapat (Ravindra Mankani) and his significant other Meghna (Smita Jaykar). Ravi is a dear companion of Aditi’s significant other, Shrikant Pandit (Sachin Khedekar). Aditi and Shrikant’s single kid, Aniket (Sunil Barve) presents his better half and would-be spouse Revati (Namrata Shirodkar) to everybody at the gathering. Shrikant opens the affirmed bundle that contains the will, despite the fact that it is routed to Aditi, a lot to Meghna’s dismay and Ravi’s astonishment.

Shrikant is captivated and alludes to his journals from 25 years prior, in which he has chronicled occasions from his day by day life. He understands that Aditi couldn’t have been pregnant from him around then since he was going on work. He demonstrates her the journal, faces her with the certainties and requests clarification. In a flashback, Shrikant is a cutting-edge star at a firm, trying to break out onto his own. His work keeps him voyaging always. This leaves his love bird spouse Aditi forlorn and disappointed.

When she requests that he let her work somewhere (obviously to diminish her fatigue and locate a decent use for her time), he resents it and repels her colloquialism no lady in his family has ever worked outside the home and that he gains enough for them to live easily. He recommends (despite the fact that not energetically) that she take up music. The music educator is Malhar Kamat. Shrikant proceeds with his unending voyages everywhere throughout the world, in spite of the fact that he makes it unmistakable to Malhar that music won’t be anything over interest for Aditi. At the point when Shrikant returns, Aditi separates and endeavors to reveal to him reality about her pregnancy.

In any case, Shrikant is doubly elated, having won the main significant contract for his very own firm and, becoming aware of his up and coming parenthood, and breaks out into festivities without giving Aditi a chance to finish her story. As the story returns to show time, Shrikant rebuffs Aditi by making her come clean before Aniket, Ravi and Meghna. Meghna severely dislikes Shrikant, since she experienced spousal maltreatment her boozer spouse before separating from him and wedding Ravi.

Aniket is appalled with his mom in the wake of knowing the reality of his reality. Ravi stands up to Shrikant expressing Shrikant additionally dedicated sins commonly in the event that he considers and expresses the one snapshot of the shortcoming of Aditi as sin. Shrikant declines to acknowledge it expressing he is a man and he doesn’t bring any such youngster home. Shrikant concludes that he will live with Aditi, however, any spousal connection between them won’t exist.

After Revati knows reality, she breaks the commitment, not on account of reality, but rather on the grounds that she understands that Aniket is the same than the man whom he thought about his dad till now. Meghna chooses to take Aditi to Goa with her, however, Aditi declines and before going out she requests her better half and child’s existences to hear her. She states how her shortcoming is called sin, though Shrikant shortcomings are acknowledged easily. She questions who has the expertise to acknowledge his shortcoming.

What’s more, she reminds Shrikant the way that they didn’t have whatever other youngsters which may be expected to Shrikant, but then too she had constantly cherished him regardless of bearing no tyke with him and how she could have been made in charge of that as well in the event that she didn’t have a child. Revati goes into the house and gives her new age perspectives to Aniket expressing he is alive as his mom didn’t choose otherwise. Aditi leaves the house with Revati. The motion picture closes with Revati and Aditi exiting the house and out and about, while Shri and Aniket remain in the entryway, watching them go.

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