Aghori 29 September 2019 Episode Written Update: The Evil Rudranaath Killed by Advik & Kamakshi

Written Update: Aghori 29 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Rashi disclosing to Kamakshi that Kauravi is here and gave me a mysterious blade to execute Advik. Kamakshi is stunned and tells that she will go and requests that her handle there. Rashi stops her and says your life is in danger. Kamakshi says Kauravi needs to murder Advik as he had slaughtered her dad and Kankali’s head.

Advik keeps running behind Kauravi and winds up in kankali crematorium ground. She says I brought you here. Advik says you didn’t call me here, however, I took you here as Gurumaa had given me as of now me the weapon to end kankalis. He demonstrates the kankaal nashak gomed. Soham yells calling Kauravi as the kankaals are gets consumed by the gomed. Kauravi says on the off chance that you have good, at that point I have abhimantrik haddi and assaults Advik halting gomed powers. She grins and traps him in the skeletons trap.

Kamakshi figures where did Kauravi take Advik and figures she probably taken him in crematorium ground. Kauravi says you are caught in kankaal’s pinjar and will go to deathtrap from here. Kamakshi comes there and calls Advik. Advik says Kamakshi. Kamakshi discloses to Kauravi that she will copy here in this crematorium ground and says here you were conceived and here you will pass on.

Aghori 29 September 2019 Episode

She starts supplicating. Kauravi says on the off chance that you do anything, at that point, I will execute Advik. Soham holds Kamakshi’s neck and offers her to Kauravi. Kauravi says she won’t execute Advik however will slaughter Kamakshi now. Advik squirms excruciatingly and says in the event that anything happens to Kamakshi, at that point your demise will be more most noticeably awful than him.

The secretive aggressor/animal thinks how to spare Kamakshi, as I asked Kauravi not to do anything with her. Kauravi keeps a blade on Kamakshi’s neck. Advik asks Kamakshi to free herself. Kamakshi pushes Kauravi, yet the last get her once more. Advik breaks the supernatural skeleton trap and holds Kauravi’s neck. Kauravi says you can’t execute me as Rashi will kick the bucket with me.

Kamakshi asks him not to do anything with Kauravi, yet Advik pushes her on the stone and she falls on it, kicks the bucket. He inquires as to whether she is fine and embraces her. Rashi likewise blacks out and tumbles down. Everybody races to her and locate her dead. They all cry. Kamakshi and Advik reach there. Kamakshi cries while Advik is stunned. The baffling animal looks on.

They incinerate Rashi’s body and return home. Everybody is sitting for the sympathy meeting when Advik comes there. Kamakshi requests that he go and says you have killed my sister and today I end this connection. She says I would prefer not to remain with my sister’s killer. They all cry. Suman attempts to assuage Kamakshi. Advik says I will go as this isn’t my place and home, however, hear me out before I leave from here and says I didn’t murder kauravi. Kamakshi says you had slaughtered Kauravi.

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