Aghori 22 September 2019 Episode Written Update – What Advik Was Telling to Kamakshi?

Written Update: Aghori 22 September 2019 Episode Written Update on

The Episode begins with Advik disclosing to Kamakshi that he isn’t frightened of her. Kamakshi says yet you are frightened of truth and that is the reason your eyes are brought down. He requests that she quit taking a gander at him and hear the sound. He requests that her sun. The skeletons keep running behind them. Soham likewise keeps running behind them.

Dravya says where is Kamakshi and Advik. Suman says Soham and Kauravi are not in the house. Asmi says I will proceed to call them. Aara says they are not at home and says she saw them going out. She says Kamakshi went with Kauravi and Soham. She says later Advik likewise went. Param asks when? Aara says they experienced the window. Asmi says I will proceed to check.

She goes to the room and discovers them missing. Dravya thinks Kamakshi is in peril. Shanaya says will we go behind them. Dravya says their countenances are demonstrating that they know nothing. Rashi discloses to them that they went for supper. Chirag requests that her reveal to them that they are aghoris. Rashi says no, all is well. Dravya figures for what reason did Kamakshi go with kankali. They walk and go to a similar spot where Aghoris had done puja previously, where Kamakshi was reawakened after death.

Aghori 22 September 2019

A fb has appeared, Dravya doing puja, child kamakshi getting life in her dead body and so forth. Before long, they see kankalis around them. Kauravi says this is our snare, you won’t be spared. She asks Kankaals to get them. Advik asks Kamakshi to prepare. He supplicates. The kankalis attempt to go close to them, yet they get pushed back. Advik tells kamakshi that he didn’t do anything and says some chakra is halting them. Kamakshi says we didn’t contact them.

Kauravi says this isn’t a normal spot, and says this is some phenomenal aghoris ashram, we can’t step in front and our kankaal can get singed. She says we will not head inside. Soham says we will hang tight for them here. Kauravi asks kankals to watch out for them and says they remain here, at that point Rudranaath’s bali time will be finished and he can’t wind up undying, at that point I can kill them effectively.

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