Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1 May 2019 Written Update – Avantika Leaves Her Wedding

Written Update: Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Geet keeps running with the Haldi thaal into the house to apply it to her sister in law. She hits Vaidika in a rush, spilling the bowl of turmeric over Vaidika. Rekha perceives Vaidika as the young lady in network focus. Everybody was stunned there. Mina asks who this young lady is, she got the Haldi. Rekha asks her identity. From the entryway, a woman answers she is the senior little girl of the family Vaidika. Rekha perceives her, Sahil says she got hitched however it was broken. She is the one they met in network focus. The woman inquires as to whether her marriage was broken, she is pearl on a basic level; one of every million. She presents herself as their Bua.

She says she is pleased with Vaidika that she left an ignorant man. Mina says they are stunned that their little girl went out. Bua inquires as to whether they have an issue that their little girl would not like to get beaten or tormented by a man; had they called her bold on the off chance that she had kicked the bucket there. Their Vaidika is truly bold and they are glad for her. Anju offers boldness to Vaidika. Vaidika’s mom demands Anju to stop this, they won’t most likely battle the general public. Anju persuades they should bolster Vaidika, she won’t almost certainly keep Avantika cheerful by harming her senior little girl. They shouldn’t at all wed Avantika in a family who have a complaint with Vaidika’s separation. She asks Sahil’s assessment. Sahil answers they have no issue at all and even from his family. Furthermore, it appears arranging of God that the Haldi spilt over her. Vaidika rectifies that it was just a mishap. She takes the bowl and asks Rekha to apply the Haldi on Avantika.

Inside, Avantika appreciates the moves. After the Haldi custom, Avantika goes to change into another dress. Vaidika stops outside the window Sahil remained close to, and asks Sahil to come over. She needs to converse with him. Anju sees Vaidika with Avantika’s lucky man. Vaidika asks Sahil for what good reason he said a yes. Sahil inquires as to whether he shouldn’t have, on the off chance that she disdained it. Vaidika concurs, she loathed him lying about it. She questions Sahil in the event that he truly cherishes her sister. Avantika is her more youthful sister, she can’t give her a chance to wed a man who doesn’t love her. Sahil informs Vaidika concerning his mom’s endeavor to suicide. He acknowledges he doesn’t love Avantika, nor does he need to wed her. He strolls nearer to Vaidika and says he adores her, since the main sight. He feels distinctive about her. He holds Vaidika’s hand and proposes her to wed him. Vaidika answers she could never wed him.

Her family chosen him for her sister. Sahil says Vaidika herself asserted he shouldn’t wed Avantika. Vaidika gets some information about his mom. Once in a while one needs to forfeit for family, he should disregard their previous existence and that old woman’s cases. She guides him to wed Avantika, he will become hopelessly enamored with her also. Sahil says everything that happened as of late demonstrates they met for reasons unknown. Their gathering, that elderly person, the split of Haldi and everything else. He can bring a Baraat for her sister, yet he would just wed Vaidika. He says he guarantees the destiny should twist before his adoration.

The following day, Sahil came over as the man of the hour for wedding. Sahil thinks Vaidika will be his lady of the hour, as he implored entire night that Vaidika must be his lady of the hour. He is certain he will just wed Vaidika. In the room, Avantika’s marriage dress was prepared. She gets a call and says she is coming over, else their arrangement would come up short. Vaidika goes to the room. She sees Avantika wasn’t yet prepared. She was concerned and bolts the entryway from inside. She was without a moment’s delay apprehensive if Sahil said something. Avantika denies. Vaidika says each young lady needs to wed, she is fortunate that she is a wedding in a similar city. Avantika says Sorab is submitting a suicide. Vaidika asks who, Sorab, her companion? Avantika says she should go, Pandit ji needs to make the arrangements. Indeed, even Sorab’s family isn’t in India, she can leave a companion of her with him. She bounces out of the window. Vaidika was left vulnerable.

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