7 Simple Ways to Live a Long Life

For thousands of years, men have adventured and set sailed to finding the ‘’Fountain of Youth”, supposedly a spring that restores the youth of anybody who drinks or bathes in its water. Throughout history, since the time of Herodotus an ancient Greek historian, every one of these adventures to find this enchanted stream has failed and come to nothing. This desire of men stems from the very idea of immortality. To Live Forever!

Fast forward thousands of years, today, although there is still no hope to find that damned stream but no worries, we have found the next best thing “Modern medical Science”. Due to standard medical and biological science, it is now possible for us to live longer than ever before. Check out 7 Simple Ways to Live a Long Life in detail and start to follow these.

7 Simple Ways to Live a Long Life
7 Simple Ways to Live a Long Life

While I do agree with immortality is still a far-fetched idea but still, we should consider ourselves fortunate enough to live in the time of modern medical science, when even a hundred years ago people died of mere viral cough. Now anyone who wants to live longer needs to follow the guidelines set by “Modern fountain of youth” aka medical science, mentioned below

1 – Diet.

They say you become what you eat .Your food choice today affects how will you feel 10 years from now. A healthy diet is most essential as various studies have revealed that bad diets are responsible for more deaths than smoking. The basic rule of eating healthy is to eat green.

Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits reduces risks of heart disease, a disease that causes nearly 600,000 deaths annually in the USA alone. The link between a healthy diet and prolonged life is too important to ignore. Simple if you want to live longer, the first and most essential thing is to discipline your diet.

2 – Be Active.

Everyone knows exercise and being active is good for you but recent studies shows, not only exercise is good for bulking up those muscles and trimming that waist, but the daily exercise of only 15 minutes can potentially prolong your life.

Regular exercise routine’s health benefits are innumerable. You are less likely to have deadly diseases like diabetes and cancer. Exercise and being active lowers your blood pressure plus keeps your bones and joint health.

3 – No Smoking or Drugs.

it is needless to say smoking and drugs are big No-No area for anyone aiming to live longer, the area Mufasa warned Simba of. In the only USA, smoking causes 480,000 deaths each year. It’s a crime against your body as nicotine and other drugs can diminish your overall health. Although some drug-related products like, CBD oil has been found to have beneficiary health effects

4 – Regular Health Checks.

Finding problems with your body early means that chances of effective treatments are increased, many folds. Regular health checks ensure that fatal diseases like cancer etc. are diagnosed in their early stages making treatment more effective and successful. The topic 7 Simple Ways to Live a Long Life, will help you a lot.

5 – Routine Sleep Pattern.

This has to be the most neglected factor of living a healthier and long life. A good night’s sleep is much more important than previously conceived and has a much bigger impact on your overall health.
Adequate slept people tend to consume lower calories and hence weigh less.

Studies have shown that people are now sleeping less daily than they did in the past and people with poor sleep patterns are found to be at greater risk of chronic diseases like heart and mental health issues.

6 – Good Company.

The beneficial effects of good friends and good company on one’s prolonged life seem absurd, but up to date studies have shown people with strong friendships and loyal confidants live longer and lead a more happy life.
Let’s be honest, while you may have an ‘iron lady’ emotions but everyone needs a shoulder to cry on.

7 – Optimistic.

“Do we become less useful as we age?”
The people who agreed to this statement died earlier than those who did not, a Yale study revealed. It’s safe to assume that the people who didn’t agree we’re the ones, with the most optimistic and positive attitude towards life. Positive and optimistic people feel less stress and stress lead to sped up aging.

Bonus tip: Cycling Life; Keeps you, Young!

To a lot of people, these simple yet important things won’t sound much, but if we do embrace these changes in our daily life, we might just add some extra few years to it.

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